Best Punching Techniques For a Beginner to Learn

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How to box properly is a thing constantly on the mind of beginner level boxing freaks. It is a skillful sport which requires you to have a definite boxing technique other than the much needed stamina. If you are able to cope with the pressure of the game then only you will be able to learn it and enjoy it to its fullest. The major thing that the beginners must learn in the start is to how to punch properly. The idea of this guide is to make the new boxing entrants learns the skill of punching in the game of boxing.

Different Types Of Punching Techniques

The following tips you must learn in order to flourish with your punching technique in boxing:

Get Prepared Properly

First of all, be sure that you have all the necessary gear that you would need to learn the game of boxing. In order to flourish with your punching technique, you must have proper best boxing gloves with the boxing wraps are wrapped over your hand. Helmet for amateurs is also very important even if they are practicing the game.

Learn Some Foot Moves

Your foot movement has a lot to do with your punching technique. Your foot movement needs to be fast in order to develop an excellent and powerful punching technique. Foot movement is very important in a way, when you need to attack your opponent using your right punch you need to put in your right foot forward to exert more power and in case you need to use your left hand side first then the left foot should be forwarded first.

Three Basic Punches Every Boxer Has To Learn

There are three basic punching techniques that beginners will have to learn before they start to interpret and use their own creative moves.
These are:

-Horizontal punching technique
-Vertical punching technique
-Corkscrew punching technique

The horizontal punch is the one that requires the movement of your hand in the horizontal line right to the face of the opponent. For this technique the boxer has to exert the pressure using the elbow aligned horizontally and then pushing the punch to the target.

While in contrast to this the vertical punching technique requires the use of the triceps and the biceps to exert more pressure right to the front portion of the target’s face. It needs less effort and has a great punching power.

The corkscrew punching technique is one of the most tricky as well as painful for the target. As it requires to punch using a little twist in the hand by using the wrist.

Boxing needs stamina so if you are looking to last till the last round, then be calm and when you start your training session then punch lighter. This will boost your stamina and you will last for long. Boxing is a game of reflexes. If possible practice with a partner and try to learn as how you could improve your reflexes. If you are going to a boxing gym, then practicing under a professional coach would help you a lot in learning the tricks of punching.

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