How To Start Boxing In 7 Steps

Boxing is a game which needs a lot of stamina, dedication and skills. It can be a brutal sport and the level of excitement grows exponentially once you take it seriously. You need to do a lot of things in an organized manner to learn each and everything about the game. This guide is particularly designed to help the beginners with the learning of the game.

7 Steps When You Learn How To Start Boxing

The following steps will tell you that what are the things that you need to do for achieving the best result in the sport boxing:

Identify Your Main Motive

There has to be some reason or motive for playing the game and this thing should be determined right from the start. You may persuade the game for enhancing your fitness levels, taking it as a healthy hobby or for some serious competition stuff.

Buy The Equipment For The Boxing

You need to buy the right equipment for boxing, which includes a number of essential stuff. If you are going to a professional gym for boxing then many of them provides you with the basic stuff, but if not then you have to buy the kit for yourself. The major things include the best boxing gloves, wrap, helmet and the sport shoes apt for the game.

Learning The Fundamentals

Initially, the amateur boxing players are too keen to learn the game and the best way to learn is to take proper coaching from a professional coach. So, joining a boxing gym is a must. Further, the boxing enthusiasts can learn about a lot of skills through online research of various tutorials and videos of the game.

Plan Your Diet

Another important thing that you should consider is to find a proper diet plan. You can consult a dietician that would guide you to support your work and practice routine.

Start With Sparring

Sparring is to compete or practice the game in the boxing ring with your partner. It is not any sort of competition but the main motive of sparring for both the partners is to practice different techniques and learn different skills. It would be great if your boxing coach is right there and mentoring you.


Once you get mature with time, then the best way to improve the game is to participate in different boxing competitions. You will learn a lot from such tournaments and winning or losing the game doesn’t matter a lot initially as you are just in the learning phase of the game.

Organize Your Routine Workout

You should organize your routine practice schedule, and make yourself able to follow and keep up with all the necessary practices you need.

Practice And Analyze To Improve

Be sure to analyze your weakness when you compete to others and practice the most appropriate tricks that you need to learn.
Do keep in mind, that you have to learn, practice and gain experience through continuous efforts in an organized and targeted way.


Best Punching Techniques For a Beginner to Learn

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How to box properly is a thing constantly on the mind of beginner level boxing freaks. It is a skillful sport which requires you to have a definite boxing technique other than the much needed stamina. If you are able to cope with the pressure of the game then only you will be able to learn it and enjoy it to its fullest. The major thing that the beginners must learn in the start is to how to punch properly. The idea of this guide is to make the new boxing entrants learns the skill of punching in the game of boxing.

Different Types Of Punching Techniques

The following tips you must learn in order to flourish with your punching technique in boxing:

Get Prepared Properly

First of all, be sure that you have all the necessary gear that you would need to learn the game of boxing. In order to flourish with your punching technique, you must have proper best boxing gloves with the boxing wraps are wrapped over your hand. Helmet for amateurs is also very important even if they are practicing the game.

Learn Some Foot Moves

Your foot movement has a lot to do with your punching technique. Your foot movement needs to be fast in order to develop an excellent and powerful punching technique. Foot movement is very important in a way, when you need to attack your opponent using your right punch you need to put in your right foot forward to exert more power and in case you need to use your left hand side first then the left foot should be forwarded first.

Three Basic Punches Every Boxer Has To Learn

There are three basic punching techniques that beginners will have to learn before they start to interpret and use their own creative moves.
These are:

-Horizontal punching technique
-Vertical punching technique
-Corkscrew punching technique

The horizontal punch is the one that requires the movement of your hand in the horizontal line right to the face of the opponent. For this technique the boxer has to exert the pressure using the elbow aligned horizontally and then pushing the punch to the target.

While in contrast to this the vertical punching technique requires the use of the triceps and the biceps to exert more pressure right to the front portion of the target’s face. It needs less effort and has a great punching power.

The corkscrew punching technique is one of the most tricky as well as painful for the target. As it requires to punch using a little twist in the hand by using the wrist.

Boxing needs stamina so if you are looking to last till the last round, then be calm and when you start your training session then punch lighter. This will boost your stamina and you will last for long. Boxing is a game of reflexes. If possible practice with a partner and try to learn as how you could improve your reflexes. If you are going to a boxing gym, then practicing under a professional coach would help you a lot in learning the tricks of punching.

Increase your punching power with the right weighted boxing gloves

There are a lot of people who believe that, the size of an individual shows the exact punch he or she can give. Although this is true sometimes but it is not a hard and fast rule.

With an adequate amount of training and also the best training methods, the punching force of an individual can be enhanced and can take even the tallest man down. Well, the truth behind every punch has to do with the preciseness it carries and also the perfection in which the punch is delivered. So as to improve upon your puching skills and power, there is the need to train with the very best gloves.

Training with the best weighted boxing gloves for men goes a long way to help give your muscles the stamina it needs to perfect every punch. Being tall and having heavy hands alone does not amount to anything if you cannot commit to training and also dedicate your time to learning. You can start by buying the right weighted glove size to fit you perfectly. After you do so, it will be best to make sure you do not take for granted the material type and also the brand. Then, make sure you are buying the weighted boxing gloves for men at the very best price.

When you have the right weighted gloves, you should then start by punching heavier bags that you normally would. Make sure the bag you are punching weighs at least 100 pounds or even more than that. This will push you to increase your punching force. Do this every single day until you are able to punch to move it. After you move one punching bag weigh, move to the next, etc. This is a great technique that so many great fighters and boxers have used to hit the world by storm. In the world of boxing and martial arts, training well is all that matters. This is why practicing with a coach, or an expert trainer or even a friend will be great. When you have these people around, you will be able to have good counsel.

Also, when you make mistakes, they will be there to correct and guide you all the way through. Never doubt your capabilities to be the best or else you can never be the best. With the weighted gloves on, there is no way you will have issues sailing through the process successfully. However, when you use weighted gloves, it will be best if you do not use punching bags. This is because; they were designed to be used on resistance tools to increase the strength of muscles in the shoulders, arms, hands and also to increase speed.

Make sure you increase the weight of your gloves as your power goes higher. You can go in for leather or other materials. Check if your fitness store has a return policy or not. This will help you know if you are going in for the right deal or not.

Never buy a cheap weighted glove because you will get the worse the results.

best boxing excercise

3 Powerful Boxing Exercise

Although boxing is a highly competitive sport, it’s shown to be more useful then to fine tune your self defense skills.

Boxing exercises are now one of the most popular workouts there are Taking a boxing class is usually filled with a range of fifteen to even twenty five enthusiasts, and also almost triples the amount of cardio you would get running or jogging. Most classes start with a 10 minute warm up followed by an intense 30 minute work out, with a final 10 minutes to warm down. If you are thinking about perusing boxing, I suggest you take a water bottle with you and eat a hearty meal per the work out At your first class, they will teach you that most of your ability will come from strategy, not strength.


Boxers do a lot of cardio, because their bodies have to be in tip-top shape. If not, they will stand a chance of losing to their opponent. In order to get in physical shape for this, boxers are expected to run about three to five miles a day for five days a week. Many fighters also do intense bursts, or sprints.

Doing this gives a you a boost and is great for dropping weight, as it releases the human growth hormone, or HGH into your system, helping you burn calories and in turn burning body fat. Sprints are also know to be good for conditioning and tend to be easier on the knees, so this is good to do one to three times a week. Cardio boxing exercises also include foot-speed drills which is essential in the boxing community. It drastically improves your foot work and agility which is very important. Jump roping is a very good and a well known way to get your blood pumping. If you push off with the balls of your feet and jump as many times as you can in 60 seconds, you’ll sure be feeling it

Shadow Boxing

Speed in boxing exercises is important. It doesn’t only help your speed, it is also proven to help your footwork, balance, power, coordination, technique, and form. You will need a speed bag, but no gloves. This also helps with the speed of your mind while remembering your combinations. Combinations can go from four steps to twenty, and helps a great deal with technique.

Make up your own combination and repeat it until you have it down perfect. Example: 1. Left jab 2. Right hook 3. Left jab 4. Right uppercut Repeat your combination for about four or five times in a row, bringing your hands back to your starting stance before the next rep. Remember to exhale at every punch and to stay hydrated and don’t over exert yourself!

Heavy Bag

Don’t forget your gloves! Boxing exercises with a heavy bag is more then just throwing punches until you over exhaust yourself. Start by warming up and getting comfortable. I know it can be a little odd punching something that looks like an over sized sleeping bag, hanging from the ceiling. Make sure to maintain your boxing stance and that you are at a good punching range. Use your eyes to increase your accuracy and technique. It’s very important to use good breathing and have good footwork when using a heavy bag.

Focus on the power behind your throws and having slick movement. Unload everything you have into the bag in any combination you desire, just make sure you have good balance!