How To Start Boxing In 7 Steps

Boxing is a game which needs a lot of stamina, dedication and skills. It can be a brutal sport and the level of excitement grows exponentially once you take it seriously. You need to do a lot of things in an organized manner to learn each and everything about the game. This guide is particularly designed to help the beginners with the learning of the game.

7 Steps When You Learn How To Start Boxing

The following steps will tell you that what are the things that you need to do for achieving the best result in the sport boxing:

Identify Your Main Motive

There has to be some reason or motive for playing the game and this thing should be determined right from the start. You may persuade the game for enhancing your fitness levels, taking it as a healthy hobby or for some serious competition stuff.

Buy The Equipment For The Boxing

You need to buy the right equipment for boxing, which includes a number of essential stuff. If you are going to a professional gym for boxing then many of them provides you with the basic stuff, but if not then you have to buy the kit for yourself. The major things include the best boxing gloves, wrap, helmet and the sport shoes apt for the game.

Learning The Fundamentals

Initially, the amateur boxing players are too keen to learn the game and the best way to learn is to take proper coaching from a professional coach. So, joining a boxing gym is a must. Further, the boxing enthusiasts can learn about a lot of skills through online research of various tutorials and videos of the game.

Plan Your Diet

Another important thing that you should consider is to find a proper diet plan. You can consult a dietician that would guide you to support your work and practice routine.

Start With Sparring

Sparring is to compete or practice the game in the boxing ring with your partner. It is not any sort of competition but the main motive of sparring for both the partners is to practice different techniques and learn different skills. It would be great if your boxing coach is right there and mentoring you.


Once you get mature with time, then the best way to improve the game is to participate in different boxing competitions. You will learn a lot from such tournaments and winning or losing the game doesn’t matter a lot initially as you are just in the learning phase of the game.

Organize Your Routine Workout

You should organize your routine practice schedule, and make yourself able to follow and keep up with all the necessary practices you need.

Practice And Analyze To Improve

Be sure to analyze your weakness when you compete to others and practice the most appropriate tricks that you need to learn.
Do keep in mind, that you have to learn, practice and gain experience through continuous efforts in an organized and targeted way.


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